The best advice I was ever given was from my big sister. She told me, ‘We already spend so much effort on the relationships we want to be in, it’s not worth it then to put in effort on relationships we have no desire to be in.’
My counselor  (via warmblanketsandteabags)

Because that’s the thing, the day before your life changes forever, it’s just like any other day.
Daphne, Switched at Birth (via warmblanketsandteabags)

English Major Problems

So I’m an English major and I am currently in an Advanced English Syntax class. My homework basically consists of diagraming sentences and therefore separating the words into different parts of speech. I did that for so long that I woke up this morning thinking about the parts of speech. I was still in that half-awake half-asleep dream state thinking “Noun phrase! Verb phrase! Pronoun!! ADJECTIVE!!!!” 

I have anger issues :/

I had a dream that I was screaming at this girl (who gets on my nerves in real life) and reprimanding her for getting on my nerves and being annoying. I told her that I don’t understand why she can’t just leave me alone and that she just aggravates me so much. Poor thing, she just stood there and nodded and said I know, I’m sorry. I felt like Robin in HIMYM yelling at Patrice. 

Pretty Good Day

Today I found out that one of the classes I took last quarter is going to count for one of my major requirements that it usually would not. YAY! I was also invited to a birthday dinner, that I’m veeery excited about (not just because the caf food here sucks)!! I also got a lot of work done when I thought that it would take me the rest of the week to finish, so yay!!

My “Gay Best Friend”

Okay, so I want to start by saying that I hate that phrase because I feel like it is a back handed complement.. like the person is saying “if you weren’t gay you wouldn’t be my best friend.” Why can’t the person be your best friend first and then their sexual orientation is second (or third or whatever) to that. It’s like if someone told me I was their black best friend… like what? If I were white I wouldn’t be your best friend anymore? Would I fail that standard? Do you have too many white best friends so now you need a black one to even it out? Anyway, back to the original phrase, it doesn’t apply to me so as long as it doesn’t bother the person being called it, then I guess it shouldn’t bother me. 

On that note though, I have a very good friend who I absolutely adore and who happens to be gay. A few nights ago though, I had the weirdest dream that he told me if he weren’t gay he would totally marry me hahaha and I was soooo flattered. It was like the best dream complement I had ever received. Made my life. 

As You Irk Me


You irritating, bothersome, vexatious fiend,

So much like the gum under my shoe.

I’ve travelled halfway across the world

And still can’t seem to get rid of you.

No amount of force could scrape you off.

You cling to me, daring me to walk.

But oh that you were the gum under my shoe

Because at least then you could not talk.